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Our Mission

To end hunger and related illness by providing short and long-term helpful activities that empower families to overcome obstacles that could have prevented them from living fully healthy and independent lives and be respected as effective contributors to their communities.

People holding a large banner with the words "Join Christ Disciples International Ministries and Stand Up Against: ASTHMA, DIABETES & OBESITY

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What They Say

The way this job impacted me was to see on how many people come for food because they need. It also makes me feel glad and like a big person because it feels nice to help people who need it. In the future maybe if I’m in need of something these people I helped might help me but it was good experience to work at Christ Disciples International Ministries because as we were doing outside things it was still inside the house of God and that’s what God wants he wants all human beings to do the right

Toriel Thompson

The way I helped people during my time in summer youth I fed the people food every Wednesday and Saturday and made sure they need enough.People are in need and being here helped me help them and I’m grateful for it.

Amanda Matos

Seeing the smile on people’s face when I helped them made me realize I was making a difference in their lives.

Anderson Vargas