Computer Instructor Needed at Christ Disciples International Ministries, Inc for Senior Computer Literacy Program

Adult computer literacy teachers work part-time as volunteer with possible paid employment to teach community members how to use computers. They work flexible hours in the morning, evenings and weekends to accommodate students with unsteady needs. Instruction typically consists of an introduction to keyboarding, the Internet, e-mail and common software, such as Microsoft packages.


•Experience in Instructional Computer literacy and Applications. 
•Conduct activities enriched with all aspects of Computer literacy and Application
•Ability to work with adults from a variety of educational and cultural backgrounds
•Patience and flexibility when teaching
•Strong computer skills
•Excellent communication methods to ensure easy grasp of subjects taught and students’ comfortability in asking questions
•Bilingual abilities may be required. We serve communities with large immigrant populations.

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Matthew 25: 35-36


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Grace Brown

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