Emaeyak Ekanem

Emaeyak Ekanem


When God called me into His Ministries l was a bit hesitant. I did not take the call seriously. And l paid dearly for it. However, through the things I have suffered l have fully come to accept His will.

My wife and l were blessed and set forth by the late Pastors Shirley and Claude Maxwell. Thus, we launched into the “open sea” of Christ’s ministries and began our faith’s work in the year 2007 in our living room. Our first members were our two young children- Enobong and Utomobong. My wife was the Songs’ Leader.

We purposed in our hearts that in our ministries, we will strictly
pattern our operations after the New Testament’s structures. Thus, Jesus Christ became the cornerstone of Christ Disciples International Ministries, with love and service as our core values.

Therefore, we became concerned with not only preaching the word of God to make “all men the disciples of Christ”, but realized that the people would, also need the physical foods for their bodies.

We began our Food operations on a storage space generously donated to us by Rev Joseph Kuffour in his Inspirational Gospel Assembly at 1211 Brook
Avenue, Bronx.

We relocated to our current site in June 2013. Recently, we feed an average of 40,000 household members monthly, distributing well above a million pounds of nutritious food items including several pallets of personal care items. Our food pantry is adjudged the largest food
program in the Bronx and second largest in New York City.

Our multi-racial congregation of people- blacks, whites, browns, the poor and rich – sitting together side-by-side worshiping God in a beautiful church space which seats 370 people. We give God the glory.