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Let us pray for central african churches (May 1, 2008)

Prayer Request:

 Dear brother,

Excuse me for the quality of my English because i'm francophone. I am Pasteur RODONNE SIRIBI Clotaire President of the Federation of Evangelical Churches of Brothers (FEEF). I just pray for you to see the opportunity to work with us in Central African Republic in the field of evangelization and social development with our churches.
I remain at your disposal for all proposals and suggestions.
 pray for us to have sponsorhip .
 May God bless you !
Pastor Clotaire RODONNE SIRIBI
B.P 2413 Bangui Central African Republic
Phone: +23675043854 Fax: +23621613561

   Discussion: Let us pray for central african churches
Willian (anon) · 12 years, 4 months ago
Satan is trying hampering my financial blessings. My source of income is a property that is registered as a column in the second missionary programs, however lately I've had many problems with tenants, losses and delays. I ask prayer for untying the way for the Lord's name be glorified in the way of rents, tenants, with God's chosen, to allow me to fulfill my purpose in sponsoring the work, and take my personal commitments. Thanks.

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