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Protection from attempts on my life (Dec 11, 2019)

Prayer Request:
Im sorry to continue bothering but Please continue praying for my family.  My name is Alex. I’m a Rape survivor & organized crime whistleblower.  2 weeks ago there was an attempt to kill me. A team of 3 cars tried to run me into oncoming traffic at night while one was blinding me with a handheld flood light.  By the grace of God I survived.This would be one of more than 12 different attempts on my life.I been to the Police over 20 times with a 12+reports & even FBI did nothing. 5 years ago I got home from work & I believe Mr. Dwan was responsible laying in wait & tasering me unconscious in the neck, raping & drugging me to not remember. I woke up with a blood soaked shirt collar with TASER holes on the back of my bleeding neck. This happened twice! I didn’t even have a chance to turn around!  Pictures of the rape were sent to my job supervisors as if I had no morals.My job didn’t know I was unconscious or being raped. No I never saw them but the entire company was gossiping about it.  It’s much worse than I will write.  Every 3-6 weeks there’s an attempt on my life. The Cartel does not stop & they do not care if others are killed in the process.Mr. Dwan’s organized Crime Group & his RIVERNORTH CREW & his WESTERN SUBURBAN CREW as well as Max, Whitney, Drayon, Raven & other unnamed Organized Crime cartel criminals.

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