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Urgent prayer need (May 12, 2022)

Prayer Request:
I have 3 wonderful grandkids aged 6, 5 and 2 but my daughter's home is full of chaos. There's arguing between her and her husband and they're not in church. My 6 year old grandson is having behavioral problems. I usually have at least one grandson every weekend. I keep my 2 year old granddaughter during the week. We don't have a car just a small 2 seater truck so we're unable to go to church because we always have a grandchild staying with us. My grandchildren desperately need to be in church. My 5 year old grandson loves SuperBook cartoon bible stories and longs to know more about Jesus. I strongly feel he's going to grow up & minister. These children need to know Him! I need to in church also but feel torn because my grandchildren need me. Please pray for God to help us get transportation that will fit 3 car seats so I can get these children into church. These children don't stand a chance without Him! We need to be worshipping Him with the children. I praise Him for everything He has already done in my life. He has done so much but I'm failing as a believer by not being in church and not having my grandchildren in church. Please Lord bless us with a car that fits all my grandchildren and their car seats so they may be raised in church and know You! In Jesus name I pray 

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