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   Discussion: Please pray the whole world.
Kevin Hoang · 2 years, 2 months ago
 Dear God. I pray that you get rid of the coronavirus ASAP. Please protect the whole world from evil. Please help everyone in needs who is suffering through starvation, being tight on money, struggling to support their family, homeless crisis, getting low hours at work, panicking people about the Coronavirus and other major issues too. Everyone in the whole world battling through a lot of depressions, sorrows and anxiety. You can stop this, you are a lot bigger than all of this. I pray that, you sent all of your guardian angles troops to save the whole world, kill all of the Coronavirus, destroy Satan and his goons. You are our number 1 savior and our only hope who can destroy evil. We all trust you, that you will take care of the rests. We all surrender to you. I pray this Coronavirus will end ASAP. I pray for the whole community to be back together, happily and healthy. I always still believe in you, and trusting you. That you will take care of the rest. The name of the father, Amen Amen.

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