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   Discussion: Loving all of humanity?
kevinmanuel · 5 years, 11 months ago
  • Hi,
  • I am very easily stressed and... my feeling hurt, and I just get so mad at people. I feel like all of this anger is a huge part of why I don't think I can be Baha'i just now. I do want to get over this, I want to stop being so hateful and bitter and mean. I'm also like this towards Christians, and I make a lot of jokes at their expence. I'm just feeling so crappy right now, and I'm starting to hate myself. I just... I don't even know if there is a point in any of this except.. how can I not be like this anymore? People have told me to pray about it, but right now I'm not used to prayer and that's just not a solution I need just right now. How do you deal with people who make you mad? What can I do? 
  • Please help.
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