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Gallery: WOL/CDIM Healtfair
Community Health Awareness Day

Health Fair

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Youth Workers preparing for the healthfair
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Youth Workers
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Jubilant children at the healthfair
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Exemplary community service by New York State Senator Rubin Diaz at the Healthfair
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Residents waiting to be served
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Hands-on computer training
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Hands-on computer training
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Uduakobong at work
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Ashley & Monique with Ashley, displaying her cooking spoon

From left, Ashley; and Monique - the Money Maker - Obesity Prevention Group Supervisor

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Youth Workers with Enobong & Utomobong

From left, Utomobong, Divine, Kymajah, and Enobong 

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Dream - Asthma Awareness- Team

Leaders of Dream Team.

From left, Renzo; Mark - the- team supervisor; Saad, the group leader; Kymajah, the secretary; Sylvia, the project treasurer

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A group picture of few of our youth workers

From left with folded hands is Dr. Udo-Okon, Executive Director. In white blouse at the extreme right is Felicia , the Food program director

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