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Fri, Jun 18 2021
Again, Christ Disciples Has Won The 2021 Mahoney/Shankman Award
For 2021, The Mahoney/Shankman award from the 52nd Police Precinct of New York City was presented to Christ Disciples International Ministries, Inc. Along with the award came several honors: a certificate of merit from the New York State Assembly, Proclamation from the Councilman Fernando Cabrera and Citation from The City Council of New of New York. The Bronx County District Attorney was there, among many other elected officials. We owe all our achievements to God. He alone deserves the Glory!
Thu, Jun 03 2021
We acknowledge the greatness of God and His gracious love for us.  He first deserves the praise and glory. Furthermore, we sincerely appreciate our staff members and over 250 committed and selfless volunteers for their hard work.  Christ Disciples International Ministries, Inc., came first among over 1000 other food programs in New York City to be given this much coveted award. It would be a disserve to them if we do not dedicate our 2021 AGENCY of the year award by The Food Bank for the City of New York to our staff members and volunteers. They risked their lives during the 2020 pandemic and its associated lockdowns and discomforts and got actively involved in serving our New York residents. The fear of possible infection with the coronavirus did not deter their determination. Their love and Christlikeness conquered and drove all elements of fright and fear away. Between June and October 2020, we served an average of 534,867 families distributing well above 1, 200,000 pounds of food and essential personal care items to our community residents. Thanks to our generous donors, The Food Bank for the City of New York - a formidably reliable partner agency - City Harvest, The United Way of NYC, HRA, The USDA, NYS Department of Health, NYC DYCD, the Nurse Department of Montefiore Medical Center, to mention just a few. Our food service, which is adjudged “outstanding and exemplary” is the biggest in the Bronx.
Thu, Nov 26 2020
Happy Thanksgiving
Even in this difficult and trying time, we still have so much for which to be thankful to God: the life we have, and the air we breathe, including our families. Above all, we are thankful for God Himself from whom all blessings flow; He always avails for us. Let's continue to pray for God's ever-loving care and comfort for those that are hurting. When all else fails, our God continually reigns!
Wed, Jun 17 2020
Never in my adult life have I witnessed so many people on such long lines waiting for food
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