We are the Food Bank for the City of New York’s 2021 Agency of the Year

We acknowledge the greatness of God and His gracious love for us.  He first deserves the praise and glory. Furthermore, we sincerely appreciate our staff members and our greater than 250 committed and selfless volunteers for their hard work.  Christ Disciples International Ministries, Inc., came first among over 1000 other food programs in New York City to be given this much coveted award. It would be a disservice to them if we do not dedicate our 2021 AGENCY of the year award by The Food Bank for the City of New York to our staff members and volunteers. They risked their lives during the 2020 pandemic and its associated lockdowns and discomforts and got actively involved in serving our New York residents. The fear of possible infection with the coronavirus did not deter their determination. Their love and Christlikeness conquered and drove all elements of fright and fear away. Between June and October 2020, we served an average of 534,867 families distributing well above 1, 200,000 pounds of food and essential personal care items to our community residents. Thanks to our generous donors, The Food Bank for the City of New York – a formidably reliable partner agency – City Harvest, The United Way of NYC, HRA, The USDA, NYS Department of Health, NYC DYCD, the Nurse Department of Montefiore Medical Center, to mention just a few. Our food service, which is adjudged “outstanding and exemplary” is the biggest in the Bronx.

Volunteering at Christ Disciples International Ministries, Inc (CDIM) is very vital. Volunteers’ efforts help us feed the hungry in our community and fulfill our mission. Volunteers serve in various ways at our agency. Whether in providing administrative supports, working in the basement to maintain inventories, driving the truck and maintaining service equipment, breaking boxes, controlling service lines, sorting food items, participating in fundraising events, or cleaning and sanitizing the pantry; volunteers are very strategic in our operations. Thus, we effectively enlist them in three days of pre-participation training. We do so because we believe that with a shared vision and knowledge of our operating principles and core values we can fight hunger together in the world, one community at a time, the Bronx, community, particularly.

Between June and October 2020, for an instant, we had well above 120 National Guards in our food operations. They worked with us for five months and set up COSTCO-like food storage and service operations. Daily, we had no less than 60 steady additional volunteers from the New York Cares, Inc – another reliable partner agency. We set up three daily shifts, (three hours per shift), with a minimum of 20 volunteers in each shift. We implemented a new service hour of 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and built an extraordinarily strong structure on which we ran and are still running our operations. Replicating our successful operations during the 2020 Covid- 19 Pandemic crisis, we now have shoppers who load our clients’ shopping carts with nutritious food items, consisting of an assortment of fresh produce, countless fruits, and vegetables, grains, and a variety of foods in the protein group. We have workers who man our incredibly long food service lines and maintain the required distance from each other. We have workers breaking and disposing of boxes. There are workers in charge of cleaning and sanitizing the facility. Our administrative workers handle appointments for food pickups and deliveries as well as clients’ services appointments.

We greatly appreciate the award!

“For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.

Matthew 25: 35-36


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Emaeyak Ekanem

Our multi-racial congregation of people--blacks, whites, browns, the
poor and rich - sitting together side-by-side worshiping God in a
beautiful church space which seats 370 people. We give God the glory.

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Emaeyak Ekanem

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Grace Brown

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